Selecting Kitchen Colour for Your Home Reno

Renovating or building a new kitchen, bathroom or laundry is exciting but it can be daunting too, with so many different aspects to consider. Follow our guide to help you select cabinetry and benchtop colours to perfectly complement your space.

Black, white and grey

The contrast of black and white is a timeless colour combination in fashion and interior design. Although the contrast of black and white is strong, it is easy on the eye. Because there is no real colour, a black and white colour scheme can be livened up with coloured accessories that can be easily changed as you tire of them.

Red, black and white

Introducing red to a black and white pairing provides a vivid and energetic palette. Red falls somewhere between the dramatic feel of black and the clarity of white. According to colour psychology, red is linked to appetite which explains why it is a popular colour in restaurants. Bon appétit!

Navy and cream

Navy and cream is one of the most timeless and sophisticated colour schemes for your new kitchen, bathroom or laundry. There are many tones of navy and cream. Get swatches of the various tones and select a combination that suits your home and lighting. It doesn’t have to be the typical uniform navy that you might have in mind. A dark navy can almost look black, while a muted navy with grey tones might be more suitable as it’s not dark and overpowering.

White on white

All-white kitchens give a sense of openness and cleanliness. They are timeless, refreshing and crisp, which is perfect for kitchen spaces. White is easy to live with as it doesn’t demand attention. If you have a small kitchen, bathroom or laundry and are looking to give your space a more open feel, this colour scheme is for you. Avoid the clinical look by getting creative with accents. Consider gold cabinet handles, statement pendant lights, small appliances and hanging indoor plants.

Craftsman Built tip for all-white kitchens: Choose your shade of white carefully. Opt for shades on the cooler side (with a slight blue undertone) as opposed to whites that are too warm, as these can sometimes appear yellow depending on the light in your home.

Natural tones

A natural colour scheme in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry is warm, inviting and is completely timeless because none of the colours are strong and overpowering, so you won’t get tired of looking at them. Think sandy and stone colours. This colour scheme looks great on either contemporary or traditional-style custom cabinets, but it really adds a grown-up touch to a traditional or provincial-style kitchen too. Look for benchtop colours that mimic the look of natural stone or consider using real granite or marble if your budget allows.

French grey

French grey is sophisticated and timeless. French provincial-style kitchens tend to use subtle soft colours such as light blues, soft greys, antique whites and muted coffee colours. These soft hues highlight the detailed design of French provincial-style kitchens.

Blue and brown

If you have natural timber or concrete in your home, blue and brown is a versatile colour combination in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. By adjusting the vibrancy of either colour, you can make your space bright and energetic or laidback and calming. Blue and brown typically pairs well with timber, concrete and metal.

Do you need help selecting colours for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry?

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