A cabinet makers guide on planning the butler’s pantry

A butler’s pantry is an idyllic facility for homeowners who want to utilise their space with a luxury kitchen connection area. The primary purpose of a butler’s pantry is to provide a space to prepare food without cluttering the main kitchen and, for convenience sake, ensure an easier cleanup. A butler’s pantry is, essentially, a small kitchen within the kitchen and is often hidden out of sight, but still designed to give easy access. They are a perfect facility to store groceries, serving ware and countertop appliances.

Whether you are thinking about getting some renovations done or just shopping around for some ideas, here are our top tips on how to achieve a modern butler’s pantry.

Make sure you have lots of bench space

Try to utilise as much space as you can in your butler’s pantry for your benches to make sure that you have a decent meal preparation area, landing space for groceries and room for your appliances. If space is tight, benches at the depth of about 400 to 500 millimetres can still be sufficient. If you are worried about whether you have enough space, going through a professional cabinet maker for your planning may also be worthwhile. 

Lots of power points

Housing kitchen appliances, such as microwaves, rice cookers, slow cookers and coffee machines, inside your butler’s pantry is a great way to eliminate clutter in your wider kitchen area. So, talk to the tradespeople who are doing your renovations about adding more power points to your butler’s kitchen. It will mean the difference between having to put your regularly used appliances away after each use and having them readily available when you need them.

Embrace the open shelving aesthetic

The key to a successful butler’s pantry is being able to walk through the kitchen connection, take a quick look and find what you are looking for – quick and easy. Butler’s pantries are typically positioned behind a closed door or a partition wall so that the space is not visible from the kitchen. The skilled cabinet makers on the Gold Coast meticulously craft each piece, showcasing their craftsmanship in every detail. This means you will not have to be concerned about visibility, so if your shelves are jammed packed or messy, there are no worries!

Think about a sink

Provided plumbing is not an issue, consider installing a sink in your butler’s pantry. If you have enough space, a laundry style sink with a wide and deep tub is an ideal option. This will mean that you can wash large pots and pans, oven trays and even barbecue racks without any hassle. Having a large sink in your butler’s pantry will also mean that you have a place to hide your dirty dishes and cookware while you entertain guests and family in the wider kitchen area. With precision and passion, cabinet makers Gold Coast bring your dream designs to life, one flawless piece at a time.

If you are considering renovating your space, wanting a new kitchen area or just interested in how a butler’s pantry might fit into your home, Ashley at Craftsman Built has all the expertise and professional knowledge to give you an expert opinion. Give Ashley a call on 0413 028 331 to arrange a free onsite consultation for your next kitchen renovation.