Renovating your kitchen for profit

If your kitchen is looking a little tired and you plan to sell in the future, renovating your kitchen can increase the value of your home and help make you a tidy profit. Here’s what you need to consider when renovating for profit.

Renovating your kitchen for profit – little things count

A great kitchen is all in the detail. Anyone can go install a standard size benchtop and standard size cabinets with generic handles. The difference between boring and ‘wow’ is in the detail that only a creative cabinet maker can provide. For example, by making your benchtop wider than the standard 600mm, you will gain more prep space which won’t go unnoticed by prospective buyers. Include features that make cooking, cleaning and entertaining easy, such as a pull-out compost bin next to where you chop vegetables. Consider the thickness of your benchtop. Any top more than 200mm thick will give a luxurious, custom-made feel and add real value to your space. To give your kitchen a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic, a glass splashback will instantly increase the chances of you getting a good return on your investment. Glass splashbacks naturally reflect the light in your home.

Renovating your kitchen for profit – don’t skimp on lighting

A dark kitchen can be a make-or-break room for potential buyers. Don’t skimp on lighting. Remember that you are selling a lifestyle – not just a home. Buyers will notice a kitchen that is light, bright and welcoming. They want to imagine themselves in the kitchen entertaining friends and family. Lights can be installed in numerous places around the kitchen, including above the kitchen bench, in wall cabinets, over the rangehood, or in the ceiling.

Renovating your kitchen for profit – laminate versus stone

The benchtop is one of the first things buyers will see when they walk into a kitchen so it’s worth splashing out on.


Laminate doesn’t have to look cheap. With so many colours and designs available, you are only limited by your imagination. If you don’t want to blow your renovation budget on a stone or granite benchtop, Laminex is the least expensive benchtop material to install in your kitchen. The durable Laminex surface makes it easy to clean and is resistant to surface wear and stains. Whether you are looking for a Scandinavian, Hamptons, industrial or coastal look, you’ll be impressed with the Laminex selections.


Upgrading to a quality material will add instant appeal to your kitchen and natural stone is a great choice. Interior designers often prefer a honed finish over a glossy one. It feels softer and doesn’t mark as much. Stone benchtops create a unique luxury and offer timeless appeal. Stone comes in a wide range of styles and colours and complements any kitchen style.

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Renovating your kitchen for profit – the power of colour

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As much as you love fire-engine red cabinetry, if you are planning to sell your home, remember that you are not painting to meet your own tastes. Instead, try to make space appeal to as many buyers as possible. Neutral colours and tones are recommended. A white kitchen offers a crisp, clean and classic look which appeals to buyers. White reflects light and can make a kitchen look bigger. The disadvantage of white is that it shows the dirt along with every mark and ding. Is your kitchen looking worse for wear? If you are considering renovating your space, Ashley at Craftsman Built has all the expertise, professional knowledge and design tips to give you an expert opinion. Browse our gallery here or give Ashley a call on 0413 028 331 to arrange a free onsite consultation. You can also fill out a quote form here.