Popular Cabinet Door Styles

To create a kitchen, bathroom or laundry design you’ll appreciate for a lifetime, you should first fall in love with a cabinet door style. Our guide offers information and inspiration that will guide you when deciding which cabinet door style is right for your kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Shaker-style cabinet doors

Shaker-style cabinets are among the most popular choices for kitchen renovations. This cabinet style is distinctive yet timeless. Shaker cabinet doors and drawers have a flat surface with a recessed panel in the middle. Shaker-style cabinets suit most interior design styles and are widely available due to popularity. The downside is that regular cleaning is required to prevent dirt from collecting on the recessed panel of the cabinet.

Flat-front or panel-front cabinet doors

Flat-front cabinets, also referred to as panel-front or slab cabinets, are arguably the simplest design style. The main advantages are the low price and easy maintenance due to the flat surface. You can achieve a truly minimalist look by leaving the handles off. If you want to add interest, you can accentuate with bold colour or hardware. Oversized handles instead of knobs will add depth to otherwise bland doors.

Glass-front cabinet doors

Glass-front cabinet doors are also referred to as open-frame doors. Wall glass-front cabinets or a tall cabinet with glass-front doors can elevate your space. Glass-front cabinets add a unique touch to your kitchen or bathroom and are a smart alternative to open shelving as they keep dinner and glassware protected from dust and grease. Ideally paired with shaker or inset-style doors, glass-front cabinets allow for lights to be installed inside the cabinets for extra illumination. The negatives are that glass-front cabinets are more expensive than wood and the see-through front calls for an always tidy interior.

Inset cabinet doors

For a classic and timeless craftsman look, inset cabinet doors are a great choice. Whether your home interior is modern, vintage or farmhouse, inset cabinets can create a look you’ll love. Inset doors fit flush with the face frame or cabinet and create clean lines and a fitted, smooth effect that works with any style. The downside is that inset cabinet doors can be more expensive as they take longer to install than other doors. On a positive note, choosing cabinets with inset doors requires a level of fit and finish you won’t find with any mass-produced cabinets.

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