How to Find Your Perfect Kitchen Style

So you’ve decided to renovate your kitchen, you’ve already planned out your perfectly functional kitchen but what about your kitchen style? You probably hadn’t considered this yet.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while renovating is not pre-planning your style. Having a well-defined style will ensure your dream end result is achieved and that your kitchen and cabinetry flow seamlessly through to the rest of your home. Failure to decide on a defined style can lead to irregularities in your home’s interiors (hint: this never looks good!).

But don’t worry; choosing your kitchen style is the fun part! Besides seeing your completed master piece, of course…

The most luxurious and popular of kitchen styles currently in demand are the Hamptons style, Modern Architectural and French Provincial. All stunning and all timeless styles, you’ve heard of them but what characteristics exactly define them?

Hampton’s Style kitchen

Originally derived from the upmarket Hamptons region of New York, ‘Hamptons’ is a style that focusses on elegant but relaxed, coastal vibes. Whitewashing, panelling, marble, tiled splash backs and pendant lighting are all features you’ll likely find in a Hamptons style kitchen renovation. Given the Gold Coast’s proximity to the ocean, it’s no wonder the style is so popular. The light interiors prevalent in a Hampton’s style kitchen renovation can also do wonders for those with a kitchen that is on the smaller side.

French Provincial kitchen

I’m sure it goes without saying but this style originates from the times of the early French provinces. Don’t be put off by the ‘shabby chic’ description you’ll often hear the aesthetics of a French Provincial renovation described as; they’re a far cry from shabby. This style is both opulent and elegant in appearance. While similar in characteristics to the Hamptons style, some defining features of a French Provincial renovation are a spacious design, elaborate and molded cabinetry and oversized tapware.

Modern Architectural kitchen

The modern architectural kitchen, crafted by skilled craftsmen, showcases sleek lines and innovative design, making it the heart of your home.

Think neutral colour palettes, metallic accents and minimal cabinetry. The blend of modern and traditional design elements makes this kitchen style timelessly trendy and the perfect choice for the minimalist. Choosing this style for your kitchen will instantly make your home feel ultra-lux and crisp. A pop of colour in your décor perfectly complements the Modern Architectural styled kitchen!

With 22 years’ experience behind the team at Craftsman Built, if style isn’t your forte, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you decide on the perfect kitchen style for you and your family’s home. You can also view the gallery on our website if you need some style inspiration. Craftsmen built our modern architectural kitchen with precision and attention to detail, creating a functional masterpiece for your culinary adventures.

Craftsman Built cabinetry and joinery products are all custom made with highest quality Australian materials. The team offer free onsite consultations, to arrange this and discuss your perfect kitchen style simply give Ashley a call any time on 0413 028 331.