Our Favorite Popular Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen design trends in past have come in and out of style, much like any normal fad. The amazing transition we’re beginning to see with kitchen design trends in 2020 is that they aren’t just based on aesthetics, but more so functionality for a modern household. This new combination of focusing on both aesthetics and functionality means your kitchen’s design will not date in the same way that we used to see occur in the past.

Below are a few of our favourite modern kitchen design trends and why we love them:

Double Islands

Ample space! If you have a big family, or love entertaining, the double island benchtops will be high on our recommendations for you. The living spaces are no longer the entertaining areas of a home, the kitchen is. While your guests graze, drink wine and chat around one of the islands, you can prepare food on the other.

Larder cupboards

You have not experienced storage efficiency until you have a larder cupboard in your kitchen. The larder cupboard has a nook and cranny for every last condiment or spice container. Again, this design feature is great for a busy household or the highly organised chef!

Built in appliances

Built in appliances are great for toning down a busy kitchen. Especially these days given that there is an appliance for everything you could possibly do in a kitchen, built in appliances help to maintain a clean and crisp appearance for your home.

Concealed kitchen

Transform your space with a concealed kitchen, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans.

The concealed kitchen is another space saver. Declutter a small kitchen space or – pick this design element for an ultra-modern, ultra-chic look. Minimalism has proven that it is in and here to stay!

Craftsmen built a concealed kitchen that’s not just functional but also a work of art in your home.

Built in dining table

Built in dining tables perfectly marry practicality with visually pleasing aesthetics. The beauty of the built in dining table is that it can be executed in two ways. Either to save space for those with a smaller kitchen and dining area or as a ‘flextension’ of your kitchen, drawing your bench space out.

At Craftsman Built we have a keen eye for style and suitability of your kitchen space. Our expert team can help you to choose your timeless kitchen design trends, ensuring you get the most out of the space. If you’re eager to know how we could transform your kitchen, give Ashley a call on 0413 028 331 to arrange a free onsite consultation.