How to utilise a small space for a better kitchen

Are you looking to transform your kitchen but feel like you don’t have enough room to make it your dream cooking space? Believe it or not, there are many ways to utilise a small space for a better kitchen and turn it into a stylish and efficient space. The craftsmen’s skill shines in this small space for kitchen, where every inch is maximized for your cooking delight.

There are certain designs and considerations that can be made in order to make your pre-existing cramped and small kitchen into an efficient and enjoyable cooking area.

Minimalistic & boutique match

When it comes to small kitchen designs embracing a minimalistic mindset is your best bet. Keeping it simple and culling any unneeded and unwanted items can help establish a feeling of order and create an illusion of space.

Opting for simple, appealing accessories coupled with lighter colours, textures and tones that match, as well as cleaner line designs will make a small space feel like a boutique kitchen. The concept of living with less embraces a more sustainable living choice too. Buying only what you need reduces your carbon footprint, and saves stress and money too.

Go with a galley

The galley kitchen was designed specifically with small kitchen designs in mind. It was originally conceptualised to find a solution for compact cooking zones on boats. So, it is perhaps an ideal consideration when attempting to utilise a small space for a better kitchen.

Galley kitchens consist of two parallel runs of units and countertops, forming a central walkway and corridor in which to work. It is actually, unsurprisingly, the preferred kitchen design in general – not just for small kitchen designs – for many professional chefs, as the design enhances safety and efficiency during cooking.

Savvy storage & shelving

Taking advantage of built-in storage facilities is essential to small kitchen designs – even if you are planning on going minimalistic. Whenever possible, you should aim to make the absolute best use of any available space. Try to make areas do more than one job; fit shelves into corners of the room that go all the way to the ceiling for seldom used items and install racks to the inside of cupboards to hold pot lids and spices. Our skilled craftsmen built a small space for kitchen that maximizes every inch, turning it into a culinary masterpiece.

Small kitchen designs can feel fresh and innovative when certain design tactics are implemented well, such as displaying stylish and functional cookware, utensils and appliances. An effective way to utilise a small space for a better kitchen is to take inspiration from professional cooking spaces. For example, having attractive and well-stacked stainless steel or ceramic bowls on display in open shelves.

Not everyone’s small kitchen designs can be made possible without professional assistance. The team at Craftsman Built have all the expertise and professional knowledge to utilise a small space for a better kitchen. Give Ashley a call on 0413 028 331 to arrange a free onsite consultation.