2021 kitchen design trends

Aesthetically speaking, the preferences for a 2021 kitchen design will continue to be more contemporary and transitional in style. The most prominent 2021 kitchen design trends will implement a natural & organic appeal. Key features include clean lines, minimal detailing, warmth and texture of natural finishes and larger windows to bring the outdoors inside.

Here are our key 2021 kitchen design trends that will make your kitchen modern, charismatic and functional.

The illustrious kitchen island

In what can only be described as somewhat of a staple in any modern home, the kitchen island will remain on trend come 2021. The feature has become a stable in any kitchen design and for good reason too. Since people love to sit, chat and be in the company of the chef, the ability to sit at the kitchen island will continue to be highly desirable.

Look for multi-tiered islands that provide a highly functional option for more preparation space and plenty of room for counter seating.

Storage smarts & smart kitchens

Convenience and functionality should always be at the forefront of a future-proof kitchen design. Consequently, homeowners are embracing the idea of smart kitchens and smart storage solutions, with integrated storage solutions not only being one of the most crucial 2021 kitchen design trends, but also should be regarded as forever on-trend.

In terms of smart kitchens, look for Smart Refrigerators with built in UI technology, touch-less faucets, smart lights and smart outlets.

Timber revival

One of the more distinctive 2021 kitchen design trends will see the resurgence of timber-look cabinetry as a statement feature. Both light and dark timber tones will add an element of textural warmth, sensory appeal and character to kitchen spaces come 2021.

Countertops & backsplashes

One-piece backsplashes that add a seamless and stylish look to the kitchen design will be sure to feature in many kitchens – not least because they are easier to clean. While marble countertops will remain popular, quartz countertops may be the wave of the future since they are easy to care for and durable. Quartz also comes in a variety of colours – think dark islands contrasted with lighter tone cabinets.

Organized kitchens

We expect to see new and innovative organization systems as one of the more practical 2021 kitchen design trends. Think walk-in pantries, small appliance cabinets, built-in spice racks, wastebasket cabinets and drawer dividers for cutlery.

Other emerging 2021 kitchen design trends

Gas and induction cooking methods are nearly equal in popularity, with induction expected to replace traditional glass electric cooktops. Ventilation hoods are set to become the new decorative focal point, with stainless steel faucets with matte and brushed finishes set to be a key feature for 2021 kitchen design trends.

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